Palita Sriratana



Palita Sriratana



Chicago, IL

Chef Palita Sriratana is the executive Chef and Owner of Pink Salt. A native to central Illinois, Sriratana started cooking at a young age, learning from her annual trips back to Bangkok through her late grandmother, family, and friends bringing her new knowledge home to practice each time. A self taught chef, Sriratana’s style of Thai is unfettered and unapologetic. Taking the time to hone each pop-up experience in to a culinary celebration of her heritage, She is excited to share her takes on familiar Thai favorites as well as regional specialties. Sriratana has been the feature in Chicago Mag, received high praises from Mike Sula of the Chicago Reader, and has been listed as one of of Eater’s top Thai restaurants. Formerly a brick and mortar on Fulton Market, Pink Salt has evolved into lively dinner experiences and playful pop-ups, taking over cherished bars and event spaces. Her pop-ups are a love letter to the whimsical streets of Chiangmai and the vibrant energy of Bangkok nights. One day she’ll have a brick and mortar again, but until then she loves leaning into the fleeting experience of each one her events. Truly, no two are alike.