Joseph Gomez



Joseph Gomez


Austin, TX

Joseph grew up in the lower Rio Grande Valley on the south Frontera of Mexico and Texas. He hustled his way through kitchens since he was 15 to help his family out financially. Joseph worked in kitchens from fast food to fancy Italian joints, to numerous private catering events and wedding cakes. He moved to Austin in 2009 to grow his knowledge in kitchens, to eventually open up a Mexican spot and represent the Rio Grande Valley, it's rich culture and problematic history with the term "Tex-Mex", but he met obstacles. Some chefs laughed and said he lacked "fine dinning" experience or didn't recognize any restaurants from the RGV. Eventually through some compassionate people, Joseph got the opportunity to really get his feet wet and worked his way through kitchens in Austin. Fast forward to present, Joseph has opened up Galleta, Austin's first online "Galletaria" ( mexican cookie shop), a project to help finances during the pandemic, while baking at local places. Shortly after, he ran into an opportunity to open up Con Todo after doing some pop ups around town, and now runs Con Todo, a "comida frontera y taqueria" in Austin.

Awards & Accolades:

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