Amberle Gallup



Amberle Gallup



Austin, TX

Amberle began creating meals in a home kitchen to entertain her friends. What began as an enjoyable pastime quickly shifted as compliments came flying in and invitations expanded to include friends of friends. The artistry of balancing sessional flavors with the personal preferences of a small group felt like much more than a hobby. Within months, she had quit her waitressing job, enrolled in culinary classes, and found her first position in the back of the house. As a young cook, Amberle was drawn to the farm-to-table movement. The close connection between the food, farmers, chefs, and clients echoed the intimacy and creativity she enjoyed so much about dinner parties. About five years into her work, she got her first taste for fine dining. She fell in love with the cleanliness, urgency, and professionalism, a high standard which quickly inspired her to refine her craft with new techniques and processes. She was energized by the way these skills expanded her range and focus. Now, as a private chef, Amberle takes these skills and apply them to her original passion for creating small, intimate meals which nourish and delight her clients. Her approach is driven by sustainability, meaning that she values intimate connection between people and food from production through preparation to consumption. This practice means her meals are naturally responsive to seasonal offerings, nutrition needs, and dietary restrictions as well as personal preferences.