We're back in DC for the first time since February 2020 and this time we're popping things off at The LINE DC with host chef Opie Crooks, our wonderful community of DC chefs, and some amazing talent from all over the US for 3 collaborative dinners over 2 nights. Learn more...


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A first of its kind festival, Indie Chefs’ COMMUNE is a two week long series of micro-events run by a collective of acclaimed chefs. Consider it the “anti-food festival” of the year - a festival that is equitable, gives back to the community, champions social justice, and is committed to addressing systemic issues facing the hospitality industry.


ALL ABOUT OUR COVID POLICY - Including terms & conditions & policies


As of launch day, July 7th, we've listed about 60% of the experiences for sale. We are adding experiences daily based on feedback and availability for the chefs. COMMUNE truly is a self-organized effort from Indie Chefs Community and the participant chefs, so we're giving the chefs some time to come up with the experiences and collaborations that exciting for them. What does that mean for you? The chefs really dig it and it will be obvious when you taste the food and feel the excitement on property.

The timing of menus being posted depend on the event. With the popups, we'll have them posted quickly because the chefs are bringing their greatest hits from each of their individual restaurants and they're familiar with their own dishes. The collaborations take a little longer because there is a process between the different chefs to hash out the best ways to collaborate. Some menus, like the Indie Chefs Grand Finale won't get posted until the day of because the participants are supposed to improvise based on their experiences at COMMUNE and in Houston.

Whatever seems the most interesting to you! We've intentionally programmed a wide range of experiences from intimate omakase dinners, large scale prix fixe collaborative dinners, late night popups, Karaoke nights with snacks, Korean barbecue, intimate classes, and daytime, come-as-you-are laid back events. With the COMMUNE Street Market, each night will feature a completely different theme, group of chefs, and lighting design so if you come more than once, you'll get a completely different experience. 

At Indie Chefs Community, we take the well-being of the chef participants seriously. From requiring they sign a non-negotiable code of conduct to maintain a positive and inclusive environment for all, to covering all costs to participate, and even paying some smaller restaurants revenue replacement to make it less of a burden to attend, the costs add up quickly. One thing COVID may have helped make more guests aware of is the fact that restaurants, and food in general, are subsidized by the unfairly low tipped minimum wage, governmental subsidization of commodity foods, and the personal labor capital of owners and staff. The same is true of large scale food events. We are charging a price commensurate with the actual cost of putting on the event. 

Because we wanted to. The COVID era brought a host of challenges for our society, and one of the hardest hit sectors has been the hospitality industry and specifically, the wonderful, hardworking folks that work in restaurants. Indie Chefs was forced to shut down operations in 2020 out of an abundance of caution and 15 cities of events that would have included over 300 chef participants, 18 restaurants, and 8000 guests. COMMUNE is meant to be a reunion of sorts that provides an opportunity to highlight the wonderful work so many of our members lead in their communities, in our halls of Congress, and across our continent. We want to give back and offer a moment of catharsis during a challenging time. The COVID vaccines provided us this opportunity.

We're also tired of the corporate festival model and strongly feel it's outdated, usurious, and unfair to the culinary community. We wanted to show there is another way. So here we are.