Maricela Vega



Maricela  Vega



Atlanta, GA

Maricela Vega has spent over a decade cooking in Atlanta and half of that time has been spent learning and growing alongside the food systems in GA. 

Her inspirations come from her Mexican heritage that bloodlines as Maíz farmers in state of Guanajuato. At the crossroads of that and being raised in the Southeast is where you will yourself when eating a plate of food by Mari.

We proudly nixtamal  and grind in-house, source thoughtfully locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to create the food we aspire to represent!

Awards & Accolades

  • JBF 2020 Semi Finalist Rising Chef
  • 2020 NYT Profile Piece on Social Justice + Food Work, 
  • 2020 Executive Chef for the GA State Department of Agriculture’s Georgia Grown Program
  • 2019 Atlanta Magazine Best New Chef, 
  • 2019 Eater ATL Best Pop Up, 
  • 2019 Lady Locavore Chef of the Year  (via Community Farmers Market), 
  • 2018 Creative Loafing Chef of the Year