Justin Tootla



Justin Tootla



Detroit, MI

Jennifer and Justin own and operate Detroit’s Bunny Bunny, which explores food and culture from India to South Africa through the American South. Bunny’s mission, besides cooking delicious food, is to transition into a non-profit in 2021 and contribute to the dialogue about responsible representation in our industry. Bunny also addresses labor inequality and financial insecurity by paying all staff members the same livable wage, offer health insurance, paid sick leave and paid vacation. We are working towards eliminating the standard roles in the kitchen and instead allow our co-workers to take responsibility for the restaurant as a whole and create a mutually beneficial work environment. J & J met in culinary school twelve years ago and have since cooked and traveled across the country together.  Jenn was born and raised in Georgia and learned to cook from both her grandmothers since she was knee high to a grasshopper. Justin was raised in Michigan and learned about his culinary heritage form his father and aunties, his house always smelled like curry. They enjoy swimming in Lake Michigan, drinking spritz’s, and trolling Instagram, sometime all at once. 

Awards & Accolades

  • Food and Wine Best New Restaurant 2018 (Voyager)
  • Esquire Best New Restaurants in America 2018 (Voyager)
  • Detroit Free Press Best New Restaurant 2018 (Voyager)
  • Detroit Free Press Food Fighters 2020 (replaced Best new restaurants for Covid) Bunny Bunny 
  • Thrillist Best new restaurants Detroit 2020 (bunny Bunny)
  • Eater 38 essential restaurants Detroit (Bunny Bunny)
  • Eater Hot Lists (Big Girl and Bunny Bunny)
  • Best Sandwiches Metro- Detroit (Big Girl) 
  • Eater Detroit's 20 best burgers (Big Girl) 
  • Eater best new restaurants 2021 (Bunny bunny)