Jennifer Turnage




Philadelphia, PA

Like most I developed an interest in food by watching my granny in the kitchen, from making a cheese sauce which I later learned was a mornay sauce and her ever so difficult bread rolls and sticky buns.  My official baking began with me vending at events which led me to want to pursue baking more seriously and to learn other areas. I later Enrolled at the Art Institute to study Baking and Pastry where I sought out a reputable position to intern and work at. After gaining employment at Philadelphia Starr restaurant PARC I found an increased passion for French pastry’s, plated desserts, and chocolate. Knowing that the restaurant culture wasn’t for me I sought other opportunities which led me to my current position as chef at a Jefferson university where I have the opportunity to experiment and be creative. Still finding my niche in the pastry world I’m focused on expanding my knowledge and creating.